CMB furniture factory

Our offer

Feel free to explore the range of furniture we produce. Our collection includes various types of furniture categorized for easy browsing. If you don’t find the perfect piece for your interior, please get in touch. With our factory’s capabilities, we can bring almost any furniture project to life!

Our factory has many years of experience in producing furniture and built-ins for the interiors of shopping malls and shops.

...and investment apartments. With many years of experience, we specialize in producing furniture for development investments, apartments, and buildings.

We produce custom-made medical furniture - it will be perfectly matched to the interior of a clinic, dispensary, hospital or pharmacy.

Our wall cladding and spatial ceiling systems will add a unique character to your interior and ensure that structural elements are hidden.

Our offer includes comprehensive furniture solutions that will give your restaurant a unique character.

Thanks to cooperation with many integrators and manufacturers of ready-made furniture, we can comprehensively equip your office.

We provide comprehensive furniture solutions for public and private educational institutions, such as offices, universities, schools, kindergartens, and nurseries.

We produce reception desks that showcase your company and the first place the customer sees.

We are a manufacturer of custom-made hotel furniture - room furnishings, corridors and common areas.

Our furniture is created following interior designs and many years of good practices, which affects the perception of the store and the brand.

Our production facilities also allow us to create large and demanding furniture for owners of residences, houses and apartments.

Our furniture is only limited by your imagination. Thanks to the combination of various materials and technologies.